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Brief history of the BSAC
The BSAC was founded in 1988 when a group of five friends Phil Green, Derrick Green, John Abbotts, Steve Lankester and Rob Morris, aquired a lease on a 2 acre pond in South Shropshire.
Over the next few years the pond was excavated formed and planted and eventually stocked with some Isle strain fish and some Dinks which grew and bred very well, so well in fact another stock pond was dug on the same site to accommodate the small fish.
In 1991 the lease on Flintsham Mere was offered to the club this is a 16 acre lake in South Shropshire this water is a stunning Capability Brown constructed estate lake with depths from 2 to 7 feet their were a few large carp in the lake and some huge Roach and eel’s at this time, the Carp were thought to have originated from Llandod lake but this cannot be confirmed, one of the members then found in Hereford library a chapter in a walking book referring to a rambling club which in the early 1800 s were invited to walk the estate and lake and stated in the chapter that “Flintsham Mere held some of the biggest Carps and eels in the land” .
The lake was then stocked with some Isle strain and some Horseshoe carp and carp from the club stock pond.These and their decadents are the large fish the lake produces today.
The club then needed more members and 15 Associate members were invited to fish Flintsham and the lake still runs at a maximum of 20 members.
In 2000 it was decided to construct a stock pond at Flintsham thus Cedar pool was born, Cedar pool is now a fishing pool in its own right, which forms part of the Flintsham complex, also in 2000 two more stock ponds were constructed on the first site making a total of 6 lakes controlled by the club.
In 2005 Phil green took control of Bigwood and the house lake in north Shropshire 18 acres and 6 acres.
With the backing of the BSAC Bigwood was stocked with excess club fish to mid-twenties and stock fish from other suppliers to 30 lbs these fish are all doing very well due to the extremely productive biomass of the lake.
The history of the lake is an estate lake from the 1800s which was completely re- excavated in 2001 and dug to quite a uniform depth of 6 ft the estate’s previous owner was the infamous Mad Jack Mytton who is buried in the Chappell adjoining the lake. He is buried in the sitting position fully clothed (just in case).
He had a short cut made across the lake so that he could cheat at horse and buggy racing the road still exists today and is adjacent to the swim called Mad Jacks,
The lakes have been now been fully placed under the wing of the BSAC and will be very soon one of the premier Carp fisheries in the country.  

Update:- Rob Morris as opened his own fisheries called Stone Arch Fisheries. Follow link www.stoneylakes.co.uk for further details.

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Flintsham Mere. Looking from the dam

Part of Bigwood in Autumn.

First Stockings of Cedar just after excavation in 2004.